Grace Series

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Grace Series


In this 12 part teaching series, Rob unpacks the clear message of the Gospel of Grace. This is a must watch series for anyone new to Grace or anyone wanting to go deeper in their foundations of Grace. Rob unpacks each top in depth, as well as some question and answer sessions, which will make you only want to dive in and study more. This Grace Series comes on a USB thumb drive.

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Please note: This Grace Series is on a USB thumb drive.

The Gospel of Grace teaching series is a useful tool for any Christian, small group or Bible study. Rob unpacks the clear Message of Grace over 12 lessons. Lessons include:

  • Session 1: Changing The Way You Think
  • Session 2: Identity, Acceptance and Approval
  • Session 3: The Gift Of Righteousness
  • Session 4: Not Counting Men’s Sin’s Against Them
  • Session 5: Distinguishing Between The Covenants
  • Session 6: Questions and Answers 1
  • Session 7: Questions and Answers 2
  • Session 8: The Splitting Of The Adams
  • Session 9: Clarity On The Law And The Gospel
  • Session 10: Questions and Answers 3
  • Session 11: Who Are You Married To?
  • Session 12: Two Components of Grace