God's Word on Faithfulness and Favor (2015-2018)

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In the beginning of 2015, I asked the Lord “What is your primary purpose in the Earth for 2015?” I heard God say “I am going to make it a little more difficult for unfaithful people to get away with their deception, hidden agendas, and selfish ambition which come with the symptoms of being easily offended (to be offended means to be cut off and separated from a life source). I am still giving time for unfaithful people to become conscience that something is wrong with their attitude of unfaithfulness so that they can repent and be flooded with Grace once again. I am slowly withdrawing my favour from them as a warning not to be ignored. 2015 will also be a year where faithful people will have my increased favour to endure and persevere in remaining loyal and honourable to Me, even when they are surrounded by many who are unfaithful to Me.”
In the beginning of 2016 I said “What about this year Lord?” I believe He said “I will escalate my opposition towards unfaithful people for I give grace to the humble but I oppose and resist the proud, the rebellious and the haughty. I will begin to expose some of their unfaithfulness, their fickleness and willingness to believe strange teachings full of self-centeredness because they are moved more by their flesh than by the Spirit of My Word. Thinking themselves wise they are drifting into destructive waters and it is My love that is trying to turn them from their captivity. But My favor and the wisdom from above will increase upon faithful people with humble hearts.”

In the beginning of 2017 the Lord said “Like the previous year, I will continue to withdraw My favor from the unfaithful but in this year the time of mercy and opportunity to repent is short! Those who choose to continue to be unfaithful and choose to parade their lifestyle of disorder, rebellion and dishonor, in an attitude of elitism, as if all of it is legitimate and superior in wisdom to others, will suddenly be exposed as fraudulent and spiritually bankrupt. Towards the end of 2017 many unfaithful people need to be alarmed that it is almost too late to repent. The good news is there will be some last minute repentance before the end of 2017. Those who do not repent I will not allow then to fulfill their assignment or their destiny that I gave to them for their time on Earth. What they have done in secret will be exposed in public”. 

I believe God’s Word continuing for 2018 is saying “But for those who have been faithful, who have been humble, and have kept themselves from pride and offences, they will experience a very triumphant transition with many supernatural shifts. The faithful will experience a supernatural process of being realigned, re-positioned, and spiritually relocated (some even geographically) for a re-calibration of capacity to move into 2018 with a multiplication of favor, profile, influence and fruitfulness. I will put them on display for my splendor. In 2018 they will experience one of My greatest displays of My Glory in the Earth. Those who have been unfaithful through the last 3 years without repentance will have no part in what I am going to do in 2018. This is a time for those who have been faithful in the last 3 years, who have not surrendered to the seduction and the enticement of self centered living for their own convenience. Rather they have considered having a pure heart and sacrificial service to the Majesty of Christ as the most worthy eternal value to possess on Earth. Unfaithfulness is not about those who have sinned or failed the last 3 years. For Grace has always been prepared for that in its ability to hype-abound beyond any measure of sin. This is all about the attitude of the heart. For the unfaithful have a disposition of disdain against any humble honoring sacrifice towards Me. Faithful people have had humility, honor and submission to my Glory and are conscience of eternity and desire to obey Me above and before anything else. These are the ones that I will give into their hands the stewardship of the sacred things with the wealth and resources of my power in 2018!”

Bless you in and through 2018,
Rob Rufus

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